Setting the house on fire propely

In Germany, Houses with Solar panels on the roof are now left to burn down because of safety reason -- the firefighters don't want to be electrocuted.

That is going to be an interesting one, because the insurance premiums will be epic(if available at all), but since fire insurance is voluntary in Germany the question is, how many people will want to take the gamble. And if the house is not detached... will you be able to stop your neighbor from installing this stuff on their roof?

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A bad law used against our enemies still is not our friend

Tim Worstall seriously considered to change his mind about anonymity in rape cases because Al Gore was implicated and he doesn't like Al Gore.

Now that Al Gore has been cleared will Tim unchange his mind again and accept that in fact the Al Gore case and his reaction is a classic example as to why men accused of rape should be anonymous until proven guilty?

If there are other women who need to come forward(why haven't they in the first place? Not shopping your rapist/molester to the cops ASAP means you're part of the next crimes he commits...), those women can do that when the case is published and then further prosecution should be considered.

And even though the law is more prone to opinion than science, evidence still beats the 'consensus' (just like with climate 'science') just like logic still trumps emotion.