I am not nice -- what it really means.

Now, this lady here called Ann Barnhardt is a very believing Christian, and one of the few religious people I've respect for and can listen to whilst disagreeing without feeling I've wasted my time. She is very inspiring, and she builds her thinking on first principles and she isn't intellectually vain, which means she doesn't have to compromise. I may not agree with her view, but I can respect it because it's coherent and not a muddle of wanna-coulda-shoulda-if-only.

Her explanation of the meaning of the word 'nice' is excellent... and what is really meant by the title of this blog, even though I had no idea about the latin roots.  However, nice people have always annoyed me, and now I know why!

The true meaning of the word nice starts to be explained at 3:20 here:

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