A new public ceremony for entering fatherhood -- (needs catchy name)

We nowadays have DNA testing which should be standard procedure at birth but it isn't, all in the name of protecting women who thieve men's earning power and their childrens' true identity.

Most people forget the children in this problem -- who are deprived of their real famliy on the father's side.

This has psychological and life-long medical consequences, for example, if you don't know the race of your father race specific medication can't be dispensed, nor can you donate (or receive) lifesaving tissues from blood relatives.  And an entire social safety net is also removed from you when you lose your father.

So, the onus is on the men who get fingered as the father to ensure that their children are not robbed of their family, in other words, men must begin to demand a DNA test before they accept fatherhood.  It's so important that I think that having to pay alimony as a punishment for not protecting the child by demanding that DNA test is just (if very harsh, but think what the child loses!)

Socially demanding this DNA test is awkward at the moment, because it's viewed as an expensive waste of time and as an open mistrust towards the women. 

So, what can be done to normalise the DNA test in society?

A fatherhood ceremony.

It makes sense all round -- men becoming a father should celebrate this with the solemn ceremony, whether they accept a new baby as their offspring or adopt a stranger's child -- it's an important step in their lives, and in the case of adoption, also a huge change for the child, and what better start than to have your new father accept you as his child in this formal way with a public vow to protect and love you?    Well, yeah, it is a bit like marriage, only that there is no divorce possible from children -- they stay your children no matter what.

It will also raise the profile for fathers, and give them their day to pose with their brood.  It will underline the meaning of being a father as well -- and bring that idea to the forefront that day.

Atheists can use it in place of christening, and religious people can just add it to their list of celebrations.

So folks, get that DNA cert framed, (or the adoption cert), hang it proudly up for everyone to see (first on the ceremony and then in your living room) and so appreciate your fatherhood and your children and their true heritage properly.

Some people will complain that this excludes 'your partner's children' -- yep, it does.  Because, you see, you're not their dad, nor should you seek to be unless you're willing to take them on for life, which means adoption.  Otherwise, just stay off the other dad's patch.  It doesn't stop you from being part of their life, but for as long as you can just walk our of the door on them, you should not pretend to be their father.

Likewise, some will moan that it stigmatises children.  Nops, nothing today stigmatises a child anymore because of their heritage, so there is no need to hide anything, especially not the badge of honour people earn for rescuing a child from live hell.  It's something to be proud of, not to hide!

How should the party be organised?  Anyway you like, as long as it involved the cert, the vow and a public announcement in the local paper, including invites to anyone you'd normally invite to a christening/wedding.

It still needs a catchy name though, 'fatherhood ceremony' sounds too functional, so, it anyone has an idea for a great name for this new ceremony, use the comments.

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