Drugs -- How the Right lost the youth culture to the Left

The Right has long given up attracting young people, and instead relies on them growing up and coming round of their own accord, eventually, if they haven't totally internalised the leftard brainwash by then.  Even if they are not completely plugged into the lefty matrix, it often takes a long while and much intellectual effort to question every cherished belief one has held from first principles, and so, a lot of naturally conservative people end up as leftards out of a life-long habit.  [1]

This is a huge mistake tactically, as it also does nothing to challenge the many misconceptions about life that young folk have, and so all sorts of myth perpetuate themselves and well-meaning kids end up wearing Che t-shirts and supporting terrorists, not realising what kind of evil they deem to be cool. 

Go to any concert or similar event, and you find that ideologically, the entire scene is firmly in the hand of the Left, who get to spout their nonsense unchallenged and infest young people's mind with their slogans and persistent modus ponens abuse.

Why is that so? 

Well, young people love taking drugs.

What the left does, is that it uses drug culture to promote itself and left politicians forever promise our kids that they will legalise Marijunana.  Obama got many votes for this stunt, and it's very amusing to see my lefty friends (yes, I hang out with the enemy) realising they have been stiffed, in the same way that Labour stiffed the kids over here when they were in power. 

Would you as a young person go and hang out with oldies who bore you with silly horror stories about the evils of dope which you know to be lies?  Of course not, even though most of the other stuff they'd have to teach you is actually quite sane.  Kids hear the first lie, and from that they extrapolate that adults are mad liars, and that most of what they also have to say must be equally crazy.

Ironically, the Left doesn't accommodate the kids either and of course has no plans to legalise any drugs, but because they tolerate the drug culture and have embraced it in their propaganda and PR methods, they get to peddle their ideology much easier, because people who are sane on the drugs issues must of course be totally correct on everything else they say.  This is the one of the most epic salesman tricks ever!

So that is why the Right does not have a youth culture to speak of, and no easy way of connecting to the majority of young people.

The solution?  Lift the unconservative ban on drugs and spend the saved money on education instead(since drugs are quasi-legal anyway and free will is the only cure), and the Left will very quickly lose their monopoly on the young, at which point the Right can start to do proper youth work and begin to reach the parts that our currently loudly shrieking nutty nannies never will.

[1] Take for example Che's true history as a political mass murderer.  Ever educated a lefty peacenik of the grim reality here? If you can get them to listen at all, when they do, it's worse than telling a kid that Santa does not exist.  They go through embarrassment at being sold a lie, then anger at themselves for being gullible and getting their carefully guarded moral integrity tainted by sympathy for a killer, and so on. It's not a great experience at all, and a lot of people prefer not to think about reality because it's too painful to question one's entire integrity. As the Irish man would say: I wouldn't start from here... So, it really is better to catch them young!

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