Thylacosmilus with Beisshemmung...

Our favorite Ambush Predator appears to have Beisshemmung today and that is my take on her predicament:

And your point would be?
Lots of people would not know what to do -- I guess you'd crack open the cat food for it eh?

And not all foxes are wimps either, besides, there is *always* the possibility that it's rabid, especially with this kind of behaviour.

All it takes is some idiot to smuggle their pooch to France and back, and have it bitten by a rabid fox, dog, rat or frog... and the incubation time is 1-3 month, and the UK will have rabies and DEFRA will cull every pet they'll find (check on their emergency plans, it's grim reading)

So far, the UK has been very lucky, in fact, it's the 10th world wonder that rabies has not found it's way here yet. When it does, you'll have a town full of rabid foxes within a very short period of time -- people start trapping and shooting them now.

What is it with the Brits and foxes? Either they totally go over the top and hunt in the most disgusting, unwaidmaennisch way ever, or they mollycoddle the varmint like it's some long lost brother... Die spinnen die Briten :-D

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